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Our Mission

At Common Confidential we are passionate about creating a more intimate world. Our mission extends far beyond providing luxurious products for the bedroom; it's about cultivating a culture where pleasure is explored and celebrated. We believe that everyone is worthy of feeling empowered to openly discover and embrace their desires.

Kate & Chris

In 2020 it became apparent to Kate and Chris that the world needed deeper intimacy. After being unable to find products that filled their own intimate needs and met their high product standards, they developed their own unique product line that filled these desires. Their first product, an organic Massage Butter, is self-care for your relationship. Their collection of custom products has continued to grow, with each product being designed to encourage more intimate moments, giving couples the tools to enhance their physical connection, and deepen their bond.

Our Name

Sexuality is something everyone in the world has in common. Yet, we keep our sexuality confidential... Common Confidential is a reminder to feel and be open about sexuality. After all, it is the reason we exist.
It's like

Self-Care For Your Relationship

From Massage Butter to Love Towels we create products that help couples come together and stay together. Shop Now