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Massage Butter

YES! Each ingredient in CC Massage Butter is natural, organic, body-safe, and edible. While we wouldn’t go eating it for dinner, feel free to indulge in dessert. 😜

While our products are not USDA certified organic, every ingredient we use IS certified organic. We are very passionate about clean intimate products, so we only use the best ingredients. Additionally, we do not use any chemicals during the production process or add preservatives, ensuring our product is clean and organic.

Our products are not vegan as one ingredient is beeswax. However, we ensure the beeswax that we use is certified organic.

Both the oil and the jar are designed to prevent messes and spills. The oil itself is thick and solid-like in the jar, but melts as soon as it touches your skin, thus preventing drips and spills. Meanwhile, the jar has a low-profile design to prevent tipping over, even if you are playing vigorously 😉

However, there may be some body-to-bedding transfer as you roll around in the sheets. To keep your bedding clean, we recommend washing your sheets once or twice a week with hot water, on heavy soil, with your favorite laundry soap and a double rinse cycle. We also like adding some scent-free oxygen boost for extra sparkly sheets!

Another great option is having a dedicated “sex blanket” which is laid down on the bed prior to any steamy activities. While we prefer a cotton blanket, any cozy blanket will do! Not only will it help prevent any oil getting on your sheets, but a sex blanket also eliminates anyone having to sleep in those dreaded post-sex wet spots 😜 Plus, once you get in this routine that cozy blanket will have a whole new meaning.

Ensuring our product is earth-friendly is very important to us! That’s why we chose to use a beautiful glass jar that can be reused and repurposed. From storing spices and candies, to a container for loose change, a hair clip container, or the olive bowl on a charcuterie board…the sky’s the limit for what your jar’s second life is, so get creative!

No, our products do not protect against STDs or STIs. Please use other safe-sex measures to protect yourself and your partner(s).

No, our products cannot be used as a means to prevent pregnancy.

Our products have not been tested on animals.

Common Confidential Massage Butter is an oil-based product. Therefore it cannot be used with latex or polyisoprene condoms, as it can compromise their effectiveness. However, there are other types of condoms, such as polyurethane and lambskin, that are safe to use with oil-based products.

We recommend washing the towels before their first use. Wash them in warm water, with like colors and your favorite laundry detergent. At minimum, every 3 washes we recommend adding an oxygen boosting product. This will help keep your towels extra clean. Do not bleach. Dry on low to medium temperature.

We wanted to create something that wouldn’t upset your natural balance, and we’ve received TONS of feedback from people who couldn’t find anything that worked for them until they tried Common Confidential’s Massage Butter. It’s 100% organic, natural, free of flavors and preservatives, and should not affect on PH. We 100% guarantee your experience, so if it doesn’t work for you, contact us for a refund!

Love Towels

We recommend washing the towels before their first use. Wash them in warm water, with like colors and your favorite laundry detergent. At minimum, every 3 washes we recommend adding an oxygen boosting product. This will help keep your towels extra clean. Do not bleach. Dry on low to medium temperature.

Absolutely! We tested many towels to find the ones that held up for wash after wash in order to reduce waste.

Love towels are made from 100% organic bamboo. We recommend washing them before their first use, and if you have sensitive skin, use appropriate detergent and consider a cycle with 2nd rinse.

Shipping & Billing

All packages are sent in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your nosey neighbors 😊

You bet! Please note that while we continue to absorb part of the shipping costs on international orders, shipping companies have raised their prices drastically in 2022 😦. As soon as their prices drop, you will see lower international shipping again! Check your country’s local import tax / VAT as this may be due on arrival. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Please keep in mind that we are a small business and personally package each order. We do our best to ship your order within 2 business days using 1-3 day shipping. We do provide tracking numbers, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


We accept credit cards, Afterpay, and PayPal.

If you ever have any issues, let us know! Customer service is important to us and we will make it right every time. Email with your name and order number or shipping address.

Once your order has shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number. You can follow your package with that tracking number. If you have any questions or concerns, email us

Our goal is for you to love every product you order from us, however we understand that may not always be the case. In the event that you need to return a product, please visit our Return Page.


You can login to your account to cancel or email us at and we can make changes to your subscription.


Hats are 100% Cotton

Hats are unisex, and fit most heads. If you have a huge head (like Chris), they may be a tight fit 🙂

Wash by hand or in washing machine on gentle with like colors


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Discreet Shipping

All orders are shipped in brown paper boxes. No one will ever know...

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Free 2-day delivery service on all US orders over $89.

Easy Returns

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